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Drum circle

Drum Circle is an entertaining form of teamwork development.

Drumming is one of the oldest forms of group collaboration. Five thousand years ago in Mesopotamia people used drums as a tool to establish spiritual atmosphere during special events. Drumming helps to get rid of current thoughts and with that increases focus and attention. The group tunes with the flow and the the tension is released, which creates group consciousness and brings the team together. 

How does the group drumming work?

We use African drums called Djembe. These beautiful and robust tools are handmade by Africans from their local trees (different types of mahogany).

Drumming is led by an experienced lecturer Petr Havlan, who has been drumming with people for over 5 years. Petr studied 2 years of drumming in Berlin and learned from Franki B. Frank. He was also at the internship in Africa, where he learned from the African drummers various techniques of drumming. In group drumming he uses techniques such as drum circle, body-percussion and many accompanying skills and games that develop rhythm.

What does Drum Circle bring?

  • Bring group of people closer while drumming
  • Develops rhythm with a fun and playful form
  • Connects left and right brain hemisphere
  • Releases stress and tension in the whole body and mind
  • Develops mechanisms of the whole body
  • Supports creativity
  • Creates unforgettable common experience
  • Builds strong relationships between people

Other information

Duration: 45-60 minutes

Drum circle is the perfect activity at the start of a team building event since it helps to set the right atmosphere. It also has quite big capacity, so usually everybody can participate in the activity at once.

Firm drumming
Price on demand

Professional and experienced instructor

Drums and other equipment for everybody.

Can be done indoor even if bad weather occurs.