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Frequently asked questions



Should I book the activities in advance?

Definitely in advance. We only open when we have reservations, so please always contact us to make booking before coming to Action Park.

Especially on Saturdays we often get many bookings in advance, that means the sooner you make the reservation, the better.


What is the best way to make reservation?

The best way is to fill out reservation form. We have specific forms for different kinds of events with different sets of services best suited for the chosen kind of event. Therefore it is best to make reservation directly on the pages below:

Corporate events | Bachelor parties | Hen parties | Birtday parties for kids

For last-minute bookings it is usually better to call us. The numbers are either +420 605 246 404 or +420 605 246 405.


How do we pay?

We require deposit in advance to confirm the reservation. If you decide to cancel your booking, the deposit is refundable 10 days before the event. After we agree on the details, we will send you the information how to pay it.

The rest you can pay on the spot in cash. We do not accept cards at the moment unfortunately.

You can pay in Euros too. Our exchange rate is 24 CZK/EUR.


How many activities can I book?

All of our activities are in one place, so you can book as many activities as you want. Send us the activities you would like to try the most and we will help you with the schedule and give you some recommendations about combination of activities.


What if the weather is not good?

Weather is always a risk, on the other hand a little bit of water can not hurt anybody and from experience light rain does not stop people from playing our activities.

In case the weather is really bad, we can try to reschedule the event. If you decide not to come because of the weather, the deposit is non-refundable.


What should we wear?

It is an Action Park, not Wear-your-best-clothes Park. Therefore some sports wear is recommended. We have changing room and also showers available.


What if less people arrive?

Please try to keep us updated about the number of people coming. We will give you updated prices for everything if you let us know. If you do not do that, it might get a bit complicated because of that and you will have to pay the agreed price even if less people arrive.


Do you have more questions? Feel free to contact us anytime.


Action Park is regularly desinfected with so-called fogging method. We are open for groups of up to 500 people.

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