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Hen bachelorette party Prague

Perfect hen party
Time for entertainment
It is not only men who can have fun before the wedding! Come to enjoy our unique and fun activities with the girls.
Perfect schedule
Your party can start with one of amazing pranks. Then you choose from our wide range of popular activities.
Full service
We will help you with organizing the event. Apart from helping you plan the bachelorette party we can arrange you BBQ too.  You also get private organizer for all the activities.

Surprise for the bachelorette:

Foot darts dámská rozlučka

Throw a ball on the bachelorette hanged on a giant dartboard. It will take some time to her to forget this party! This surprise is included in the price of foot darts activity.

Price: 379 CZK / person

Fake bungee jumping

rozlučky se svobodou praha tipy aktivity binocular football praze

Get ready for some fun. The bachelorette will be thinking that she is about to jump from a bridge, but instead she will fall into a cold swimming pool! Take a look on our video.

Price: 3000 CZK

Lidský prak dámská rozlučka

Let the future bride try some flying at high speed! Our slingshot will serve perfectly for this purpose.

Price: 1500 CZK/person

Hen party activities:

Bottle of prosecco FOR FREE to every bachelorette party!

Lidský fotbálek dámská jízda

Amazing activity for everybody which is way more entertaining than the version you might know from the pubs. Teamwork is a key to success. And spinning is allowed!

Price: 339 CZK/ person

Prosecco pong dámská rozlučka se svobodou

Alcohol is a part of every good party. At the bar it can be a bit boring though, that is why we organize giant beer pong in a version for ladies - prosecco pong!

Price: 279 CZK/ person, 1 bottle / 5 people

Sumo battle

Sumo epická bitva

Fight amongst each other in sumo suits! Pure fun with safety secured.

Price: 2990 CZK / 1 hour

Hen party Prague bodyzorbing

Bubble football can be a great fun even for girls. Let of some steam in the bodyzorbing balls!

Price: Depending on number of bubbles, more information here.

rozlučka se svobodou lukohra archery game praha

Brand new entertainment, in which you will eliminate your enemies with a weapon of medieval warriors - bow. Battle in teams and find out who is the best archer!

Price: 499 CZK / person

Party paintball

The bachelorette will get some nice costume first (costumes of minion, rabbit, pikachu, pig and more are available). Then you will play some nice paintball scenarios! Ladies, you get a protection vest for free.

Price: 479 CZK / person (100 paint-balls included)

Extra services:


Občerstvení na teambuilding

Take a break from the activities and have grilled chicken BBQ with bread, sauce, vegetables and draft beer.

Price: 200 CZK


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