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Indoor Paintball (Reball)


After entering the paintball arena in Prague, the organizer will welcome you, prepare a round of cold drinks and explain safety and game rules. After that, the arena is all yours. Within the 90 minutes, you will experience a lot of adrenaline fun with unlimited balls. Unlike in the outdoor paintball, re-balls that do not stain are used in the indoor paintball.

In the indoor 750 m2 paintball arena, an organizer will be waiting with excitement to show you many fun scenarios on the action field with a dozen of obstacles. Of course, the field is illuminated with an area to relax or enjoy a cold drink. A party paintball is a specialty where you get a costume for the stag or hen for free!

Indoor paintball
549 CZK
/ person

Indoor paintball field rental.

An organizer taking care of fun and safety.

Complete equipment.

Unlimited number of reball balls.

Minimum number of participants: 6.


Duration: 90 minut

Unlimited number of reball balls (unlike the outdoor balls, these do not stain).

The minimum number of players is 6 (additional 200 CZK is to be paid for each player missing).

You can borrow or buy many accessories to paintball, I.e. a suspensor for 50 CZK, a vest for 50 CZK, a fun costumer (free) and more.


  • Paintball gun (including a refill of the gas).
  • Thermal mask.
  • Paintball gloves.
  • Overall with neck protector.

Book two or more activities and get a package discount and a free drink!


Does it hurt a lot? You will feel more a of pinch when hit in sensitive areas. In addition to overalls with neck protector, it is possible to rent a vest or knee protectors. We recommend wearing at least a T-shirt under the overall.

How old do I have to be to play paintball? We recommend at least the age of 12 years old. For younger kids, we offer Junior paintball.

What should I wear? Make sure to wear sport shoes and extra shirt for change.

Action Park is regularly desinfected with so-called fogging method.