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Best rated paintball in Prague

Adrenalin with guns on unique battlefield.

After you put on paintball overall, gloves and thermal mask, there will be experienced organizer ready for you to manage the event and to help you with anything. Then you will already get the gun which shoots up to 300 paintballs/minute.

Afterwards you can already start playing on a special playing field with dozens of obstacles, bunkers, two-storey fortress and a church. You can play many entertaining scenarios, for example Defuse the bomb, Terminators or Zombies. Our specialty is also night time paintball and party paintball, which we offer without additional charge.

Paintball: Standard package
479 CZK
/ person

Rent of paintball field

Private experienced organizer

Complete equipment (see above)

100 paintballs included.

Minimum number of players: 6

More information

Every paintball costs 1 CZK. We will always refill you 100 balls at once.

Minimum number of players is 6 (in case of missing players, 200 CZK is paid for each player missing).

You can borrow or buy many different accessories for paintball, such as a long barrel (75 CZK), vest (50 CZK), big smoke bomb (125 CZK), funny costume (free), automatic gun and some more.

Package includes:

  • Paintball gun (including air tank refill)
  • Thermal mask
  • Paintball gloves
  • Overall with neck protector

Unlimited paint-balls package: 1200 CZK / person (2 hours with unlimited paint-balls)

Book two or more activities and get a package discount and a free drink!


Does it hurt? It does not hurt as much as you might think. When you get hit into sensitive body parts you will definitely feel it a bit. Besides the overall with neck protector, it is possible to borrow a vest and knee pads. Under the overall we recommend to wear a T-shirt.

How old I have to be? The players should be at least 12 years old. We offer Laser Tag for younger children.

What should I wear? Be sure to have some sport shoes that don't slip and a T-shirt to change into.

 Can the paint be washed off the clothes? Yes, absolutely.

How many paintballs will I shoot? That is quite individual. For someone 200 balls can be enough and on the other hand, someone can use over 1000 balls. On average, it is about 500 paintballs.

Action Park is regularly desinfected with so-called fogging method. We are open for groups of up to 500 people.

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