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Team building Prague

Special programs full of entertainment and teamwork.

In Action Park we offer many activities which are perfect for corporate team buildings, because usually teamwork is crucial to succeed. Many of the activities are designed to develop communication in teams, leadership, group participation, relations and eventually help solving problems in teams.

Wide choice of activities
We offer many entertaining activities which are often quite unusual. You can also have a look on our sample packages to get some inspiration. We have big party tents with area of 400 m2, you do not have to be worried about the rain.
Turnkey program

We will adapt to your requirements and prepare the program accordingly. For example, we can arrange you boat trip from the center of Prague or tour to Karlštejn on Segways.

Complete services

We can arrange transportation, accomodation, refreshments in the form of a banquet or barbecue and more additional services. You do not have to worry about anything.

Sample teambuilding packages:

Action day

Action day active team building in Prague

In Action Park an action program can not be missing. Therefore this package is mostly about fun, relaxation, but also about solving problems.

Mini olympics

Mini olympics corporate event

We will organize little Olympics for you. Initially you will be split in 2-4 teams (depending on number of participants) and compete against each other in many extraordinary disciplines.

Communication day

Communication day team building Prague

This package aims to develop interpersonal communication. Therefore, for all activities in this package the key to success is the communication in between the team members.

Antistress package

Antistress package for team buildings

Come to Action Park to get rid of stress. We offer some interesting activities suitable for reducing stress levels.

Creative package

Raft building team building activity

Creative package is based on activities which were often necessary for survival in the past. Apart from teamwork, some activities require the ability to deal with problems under pressure and some require lots of dexterity.

  • Drum circle
  • Raft construction
  • Falling egg
  • Starting a fire

Extra services:


Transport na teambuilding

How to get to Action Park? We will arrange you transfer by van or bus. Just let us know the number of participants.


Občerstvení na teambuilding

Many of our activities can be quite exhausting. As a part of the event, we can also provide refreshments in the form of a reception or barbecue.

Boat transport

Lodí na teambuilding

Would you rather enjoy a trip on a boat instead of a bus? That is one of the ways how to get Action Park too! Do not hesitate to ask about details.

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