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Archery game

Fight with bows and arrows against friends, completely safely.

We decided to bring you a whole new action experience for groups, an activity called Archery Game (or archery attack). It is an adrenalin game in which you use weapons to eliminate enemies. Your weapon will be a bow with arrows which have very soft arrowheads. Therefore, it can't cause any injuries. Come to have fun and enjoy the thrill of this extraordinary activity!

How this action sport looks like?

Archery Game: Complete package
499 CZK
/ person

Rent of special archery game field

All necessary equipment

1 hour of playing

Experienced organizer

Minimum number of players: 6

Book two or more activities and get a package discount and a free drink!

More information

This activity is perfect for groups of friends or coworkers. Archery attack is also a very interesting way to celebrate birthday or as a part of stag party.

Only thing that we recommend to take with you is comfortable sportswear. Aside the bows and special arrows we will lend you a mask with a protective glass.


If you are 16 or more players, the activity will be for 90 minutes (instead of 1 hour).

About the activity

At first all players shoot on the target under supervision of experienced organizer (15 minutes). After that the players are divided into two teams which then play against each other (45 minutes).

Your objective is for example to shoot all the players from the enemy team or capture a flag faster than your enemy. We have much more scenarios you can choose from.

Action Park is regularly desinfected with so-called fogging method.