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Bubble football

Fortify yourself with big inflated ball and destroy your opponents.

When you play zorb football, you are wearing a big inflated sphere from which only your legs stick out. The sphere is firmly fastened to your body and so you can't fall out of it. Thanks to that it is possible to crash heavily into each other, fall down and still not feel any pain at all. Be prepared to have some crazy fun.

How does bubble football game look like?

Bubble football price list
489 CZK
/ person

Bubble for each player

Rent of playing field

1 hour of playing

Private experienced organizer

Number of bubbles: 6-14

More than 14 players: only +150 CZK/person

More information

Minimum number of participants is 6. Maximum number is not limited by the number of bubbles, because it is possible to alternate players in teams. Therefore, there can be more players than bubbles.


If there are more players then 14, then for every extra player we only charge a fee of 150 CZK.

About the activity

At first you divide yourselves into two teams, then you put on the zorbing balls and you can already start playing. Most often football is played, but there are more funny games to play. For example, there is Last man standing, Destruction derby or Human bowling. There is always a lot of running, falling, standing up and so on.

Football is played in teams of 3-7 people. Experienced organizer will be there for you to help you with anything, get you drinks and will also be referee for the football game.

Book two or more activities and get a package discount and a free drink!

For whom is this activity?

Bubble football is suitable almost for everyone. It is a unique experience which is perfect to have fun with group of friends and also for events like birthday parties or stag parties. Even the kids will have lots of fun with the balls - under the supervision of parents children have to be at least 12 years old.

If you have concerns about your safety, there is nothing to worry about. The bubble serves as a great shield, so you can consider bodyzorbing maybe even safer than classic football.

Definitely bring sportswear for bubble football. The game is quite exhausting, so you will sweat a lot. When playing, it is forbidden to wear glasses, rings, bracelets etc. to avoid injuries or damaging the bodyzorbing ball.

Action Park is regularly desinfected with so-called fogging method. We are open for groups of up to 500 people.

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