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Car demolition

Car destruction without penalty.

Car demolition is an unconventional experience during which you can have fun and blow off some steam at the same time. You will quickly realize that destroying a car can be very exhausting. This activity is also a great stress reliever. There will be lots of tools available for you which will make it a little bit easier, but more entertaining as well.

About the activity

At first the organizer will familiarize you with the rules which are crucial for your safety during the car destruction. After that you will get a helmet, safety glasses, gloves and finally the demolition tools (baseball bats, axe, sledgehammer and some more) and also spray paint. For example you can start with spraying on the car and take a before photo of your group. Then you can already take the tools and smash the car as hard as you can.

What do you need for demolition?

Everything necessary for the demolition and for your safety is included in the price of the activity. We recommend you to put on some comfortable and preferably some older clothes to change into. We can also rent you a paintball overall (100 CZK).

For a fee you can also rent an action camera (YI Action Camera 4K) with a tripod (400 CZK in total).

More information

Duration: 1 hour

Car demolition is definitely possible to combine with more activities we offer.

Feel free to contact us for more information anytime!

Car demolition: Complete package
6990 CZK

One car to destroy


Destruction and safety equipment

Price also includes a beverage for everyone (beer or water).