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Giant beer pong

Play with classic balls instead of ping pong balls and barrels instead of cups!

Today beer pong is a very popular game. We bring it to you in much bigger and funnier version. So why would you drink a beer at the table in a pub? In Action Park, the drinking experience is on a whole different level!

Pitbull plays giant beer pong:

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Duration: 60 minutes

Giant beer pong is played with 6 barrels on both sides. The rules are slightly modified, so the organizer will tell you our rules before the game starts. Giant version brings greater possibilities to the game - for example, you can kick the balls to the baskets. In addition, you can look forward to some more versions of beer pong!

It wouldn't be beer pong without the beer, so 1 cooled beer is included in the price for each player (it is possible to buy more then).


Unlimited beer pong upgrade: Want unlimited beer during the game for an hour? You can have it for extra 150 CZK/person! If you book more activities, the price then is 110 CZK/person/hour.

Giant beer pong
279 CZK
/ person

Experienced organizer and referee at the same time

Game equipment (barrels, balls)

1 beer is included in the price.

Minimum number of players: 6