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Human table football

Become a part of table football, human table football.

Do you like table football? And what about human table football? In this game, it's not only about moving the plastic players using bars, not anymore. In this game, you become those figurines! However, don't think playing is easy - you will have to hold the bar for the whole time and in order to move, your teammates holding the same bar will also have to move! That means one thing - teamwork is crucial in this game.

Since we shot this video, we made lots of upgrades to the human table football arena. It now has artificial grass on the ground and is now enclosed by a net even from the top side! Check out the pictures below. The activity is even more enjoyable than before.

Human table football price list
339 CZK
/ person

Entrance to the arena

1 hour of playing

Private experienced organizer

Number of players: 6-16

More information

We recommend you to come with some shoes suitable for kicking.

Minimum number of players is 6. If there are less players, it is not possible to play this game. Maximum players in the arena is 16. For bigger groups it is possible to play in more teams and book the activity for more than 1 hour.


If you are 16 or more players, then the activity will be for 90 minutes (instead of 1 hour).

About the activity

In Action Park, human table football is played in a big, 10 metres long arena. Experienced organizer will tell you what positions you should take in the field and explains the rules of the game. Then he already takes the role of a referee and he also throws you balls into the arena.

Book two or more activities and get a package discount and a free drink!

Action Park is regularly desinfected with so-called fogging method. We are open for groups of up to 500 people.

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